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Tridicator universal 1-11 wide-range pH paper, unsurpassed for accuracy and ease of use, is the original 3-color pH paper. Three different colored indicators on one strip react uniquely to each solution. The colors are then compared to the full-color reference chart on the back of the dispenser. Available in extra-long 20 foot rolls.

Narrow-range pH Paper by Fil-Chem, covering the entire range from 0-14. The control and reference indicators are on the same strips, allowing instantaneous readings. The colors are sharp, clear, and easy to read, even for color blind users. Over 15 different ranges in steps of 0.2 or 0.3. Completely accurate and equal to the finest instrumentation. Fil-Chem has papers to test buffered, slightly buffered, and electrometric nickel solutions. 200 strips per box.

IonDetect semiquantitative ion determination kits. Available for most common metals and non-metals. Kits contain all necessary reagents to test in minutes with no messy titrations needed. Over 20 different kits available. 100 tests per kit.

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